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Granlund Manager is a versatile software for property maintenance management. Over the years Granlund Manager has helped thousands of property maintenance managers and workers to become more effective and proactive.

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Business premises

Great working environments and energy efficiency

A good office building provides a functioning and pleasant work environment that allows employees to concentrate on their work. According to research, favourable conditions significantly improve the wellbeing of employees. Healthy employees are more efficient and productive workers.

Granlund Manager software makes the maintenance of office properties smarter and easier. The property owner, maintenance personnel and end-user all benefit, when the technical operability and maintenance of the property function well. The software ensures that the indoor conditions are favourable, energy doesn’t go to waste and tenants remain satisfied.

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Hotels and restaurants

Granlund Manager is a powerful tool to manage service requests in hotels and restaurants

It is important for hotel and restaurant property managers to be able to focus on what is essential: the restaurant and hotel must be run efficiently round the clock and be able to provide customers with the best service possible.

Once the property maintenance management has been digitalised, it is easier to see the general view of how things work — if they work. Where have the service requests come from and have they been completed? Is there any change in the number of service requests? Granlund Manager software grants easy access to the needed information.

Environmental impacts should also be taken into consideration in the activities. With Granlund Manager, you can reduce energy consumption in the properties and monitor gathered data. Many hotel and restaurant properties have been able to achieve big savings in their energy bills with Granlund Manager.

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Small boutiques and shopping centres – Granlund Manager facilitates maintenance

The challenges in the management of shopping centres and chain stores are to maintain properties and keep the energy consumption in check. With Granlund Manager, you can easily manage even lager property portfolios and create a comprehensive view of the conditions of the properties.

The commercial sector employs a vast number of people, but how can we engage everyone in property maintenance? Granlund Manager provides the staff responsible for property maintenance with a simple mobile application. Property end-users  can easily submit service requests to the system by scanning a QR code.

Once Granlund Manager is installed in a commercial property, it is easy to note where energy consumption can be improved. The software allows you to fix the right issues at the right time. Money and energy are not wasted.

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Public sector

Efficiency in public sector property management

Granlund Manager offers a unique way to digitalise property management processes. Information for the management and the visibility of the activities by the maintenance personnel also improve.

Many professionals managing public properties are responsible for a large number of properties of different ages and sizes. The maintenance takes a lot of work and energy. Granlund Manager helps you manage resourcing of workforce, service requests and energy consumption in a new way. The software allows you to see how your properties are managed and how much energy is consumed.

It has been proven that Granlund Manager increases energy efficiency in public properties. Saving energy is good for the environment and your pocket.

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Suitable conditions for learning

Good indoor conditions have a significant impact on learning outcomes. Properties used for education and learning can differ from one another significantly when it comes to the year of construction or the condition of buildings. Regardless of these differences, all properties need to provide good learning and working conditions. Granlund Manager software helps to ensure favourable conditions in all spaces and tackle technical issues promptly.

The CO2 footprints of buildings also play an essential role in property maintenance. When it comes to a property maintained by a public owner, the activities should be exemplary. Granlund Manager helps to ensure the energy efficiency of properties. With Granlund Manager you can report and monitor the property’s energy consumption and environmental impact.

Even the smallest savings can amount to annual energy savings of millions of euros in large properties.

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Comfortable living and increased energy efficiency with Granlund Manager

If the data on residential properties are scattered across different documents and Excel sheets, the maintenance may not be efficient and a vast amount of energy is wasted. Continuing technical issues may lead to undesirable living conditions and dissatisfied residents. Dissatisfied residents will submit such a large number of service requests that their management becomes difficult without the right tool.

Fortunately, Granlund Manager was created to solve daily issues related to the management of residential properties. The software grants you access to data from a building’s technical systems, energy consumption data and service requests.

Granlund Manager allows you to easily optimise and monitor the maintenance tasks and energy consumption of the property. The software comes with an extremely efficient automated reporting tool.

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