Photo by: Evaldas Lasys 
Photo by: Evaldas Lasys 

k29 Business Center, Lithuania

The premium-quality business center k29 situated at the heart of Vilnius was able to improve significantly their maintenance processes and tenant services through implementing Granlund Manager in their 14,000 square meter premises.

In early 2017 UAB k29 was looking for modern facility management systems to help control the maintenance activities in their state-of-the-art k29 business and office center in the center of Vilnius. One of their more specific aims was the need to increase the visibility of their maintenance processes.

After starting cooperation with Granlund, it quickly became evident that the improvements made in the maintenance processes had wider applications.  Not only were the technical maintenance tasks and reports easier to carry out and control, but also the tenant satisfaction was affected favorably.

Easy localization and installation processes for smooth transitions

From the UAB k29 perspective, one of the advantages of Granlund Manager over its competitors was its localization options and the easy implementation processes.

The system was translated into the local language, Lithuanian, which also made the installation and the maintenance personnel training fast and smooth. It was also important for the management and users that the actual implementation process of the CMMS was done approximately in a month.

The operations dealing with the business center´s service requests management and the handling of the daily preventive maintenance tasks were the first features taken into use. The system was later implemented also in another Vilnius office complex in Žvejų Street. The energy reporting and performance optimization functionalities available in the software are to be taken into use later.

Improved tenant service and satisfaction

The k29, known for its premium quality, is committed to providing the best possible facility maintenance services for their tenants. The clients of the k29 business center include notable and well-known international companies, such as Telia, Nasdaq, KPMG and OP.

The use of the Granlund Manager mobile application for maintenance requests has been a new service offered to the tenants. The response from the k29 business clientele has been favourable, emphasizing the easy access and reporting, improved documentation, as well as time saved.

The tenants are happy when they can follow up what is happening with their problems. I also have better control of the property when everything is in the palm of my hand in the Granlund Manager mobile app.

“I’m glad that Granlund Manager is appreciated by our clients and also by other service providers. It definitely helps us control and support our daily tasks as planned. The fact that also our tenants are happier with it is a big bonus. Granlund Manager helps us ensure that our tenants get the premium service they deserve,” comments Miglė Mačionytė, Asset Manager in UAB k29.

Easy reporting and follow up on service requests

All the service, maintenance and building security teams in the k29 business center have smartphones with the Granlund Manager mobile application. The teams receive detailed information on the service requests and its location, as well as guidance via the application. The app is easy to use for the clients, as well as the service and maintenance personnel.

I have a better idea what is happening in the premises now that everything is documented.

Kristina Ežerskaitė, Office Manager, Telia Global Services Lithuania

“Granlund Manager is a very user-friendly program that we use every day. It´s easy to understand how to add new requests and also get feedback on how they have been followed up. We have been able to save a lot of time on paperwork now that my service requests go directly to the maintenance provider from my mobile phone, ” says Kristina Ežerskaitė, Office Manager from Telia Global Services Lithuania.

The clients have praised especially the ability to follow up on how their problems are solved. The Granlund CMMS offers the users a good overview on what is happening in their premises while keeping everything documented at the same time.  For the asset managers the software´s capacity to control the property, its servicing and maintenance processes has proved to be one of the most useful features.

“It is very important for us to maintain our building and all its engineering systems in the right manner.  The digital maintenance plan is exactly the right tool for it that fits in the palm of my hand.  Also, working with Mepco, the local representative of the Granlund Manager in Lithuania, has been as fluent and professional as using the app itself,” concludes Miglė Mačionytė from UAB k29.