Release notes

QR code service request page improvement

  • With the newly released feature, main users are able to choose which service areas or request types are shown on the QR code service request page.
  • Additional information field is available also on the service request page for customers who have taken that into use.

Energy source library has now been released

  • Energy source library enables you to manage different energy sources in Granlund Manager. These energy sources can then be linked to the meters. Following parameters can be defined for an energy source: on site production, renewable energy source and the annual CO2 emission factor. These parameters can then be used in energy reporting.

LTP- approval procedure improvement

  • LTP-approval procedure has been improved. An increase in the cost estimate of an already approved action will automatically start a new approval procedure.

LTP- standard actions, additional functions

  • You can now search for LTP-standard actions by using the advanced search. The LTP -standard actions have now also been added to the LTP-reports.

Small improvements

  • Possibility to define property attribute as mandatory field
  • Executive2 has been renamed to Dynamic Reporting
  • Performance Optimization has been renamed to Building Analytics

LTP type action library enables standardizing of the LTP actions in the customer portfolio

  • Type actions added to a property are automatically scheduled into future, based on maintenance period defined in the type action library.

Improvements on zoning function in Virtual Property

  • Overlapping zones and zones expanding to multiple floors are now clearly indicated in the building model
  • Improved elevator button enables navigation in a taller building

User interface facelift

Granlund Manager user interface has been updated with a major facelift. The fonts, tables, dropdown menus, action buttons and several other user interface elements have been updated and harmonized to a modern look and feel.

Dynamic reporting maintenance plan

The new Dynamic Reporting BI-reporting tool now has also Maintenance Plan data model and library report available.  

Asset location improvements

In addition to building, now it is possible to set the location of lower level assets in the map.

Digital twin (Virtual property) new features

Implemented virtual property icon in the technical tree, making it easier to identify which building has building model in use. User can also open the building model directly from the technical tree by clicking on the icon The new Zoning function visualizes different function areas in the building model, for instance technical system influence areas, providing a more intuitive way to manage the building.

Several user experience and usability improvements to different modules

  • Usability improvements in maintenance plan recurring task creation, usage and reporting
  • Easier way to move a maintenance task package to another service area
  • Search by category in Maintenance Plan advanced search
  • Improvements in energy report texts and in several Excel report data types
  • More informative texts in Contact management and in Service Request creation form
  • Possibility to search companies with their VAT ID in Contact list
  • Notice board content now available to all user roles
  • An already expired contract can now be returned back to active status in Contract Management module