Release notes

Audit library implemented

With the newly implemented audit library, users can create and manage audit templates. For each template, user can define the name, audit period, frequency, audit questions and scores.

Mobile app to support all customer instances

GM mobile app now supports all customer instances. Users from local installations can enjoy the same mobile functionalities. An updated look and feel on the mobile login page, in additional to its functionality improvements.

Mobile app UI facelift

Add/edit/remove favorite assets

Instead of using the web version, user can now add, edit or remove favorite asset directly from the app, significantly improving the usability of the app.

Upgraded audit function

Upgraded audit function supports seamless audit experience at the site. User can view audit of different status, take an audit draft into progress or create a new audit form on the fly.

Task id number and complete asset trail

ID number of service request, maintenance task and maintenance notes are clearly shown in task list and their detailed page, making it easier for the user to handle the tasks. In addition, complete asset trail is available in service request, enabling user to map the specific location or device.

Generic user experience and usability improvements

Generic improvements to the look and feel, providing a more intuitive user experience.

Maintenance audit service area

Maintenance audit process now has its own service area selection with its own validity period, providing better control mechanism for audit service area visibility.

New phases for audits: draft and approved

New phases Draft and Approved are added to the Maintenance audit process. It is possible for customer to determine whether to take Approved status in use.

New audit scheduling

When an audit is done or approved, Granlund Manager suggests the creation of a future audit draft. The same audit template, service area and auditor are selected automatically for the draft. The new function provides an easy and systematic way to plan future audits.

Mobile service request page support for file attachments

The QR code based service request page designed for tenant users now also allows inclusion of photo and file attachments.

Create service request easily with QR code

User can now open the service request form by scanning QR code at the location. Location information is retrieved directly from the QR code. It is also available for users who doesn’t have a Granlund Manager account.

Automated device data import from Granlund Designer

Instead of manual input, technical system and device data can also be imported from Granlund Designer, which is a cloud-based software for managing device data related to building services during the design and construction phases. The automated data flow enables seamlessly transition from construction phase to the maintenance phase.