Release notes

March 2023

Improvements in production performance issues

  • Several small improvements have been made to the version to improve the overall performance of the software.

Long term planning: Projects and actions -view’s advance search

  • In LTP: Projects and Actions -view’s Advance Search, there is a new search option of “Search from name field”.

Digital twin, consistency score added to tooltip

  • The consistency score of a space is now added to the tooltip on the indoor consistency view.

Maintenance audit, improvement on linking LTP action to audit point

  • The linkage between an audit point and an existing LTP action can now be deleted. Deleting linkage does not delete the LTP action in the LTP process.

Maintenance audit, improvements on evaluation scales

  • More evaluation scales for maintenance audits are now available. New scales include scales 1 to 3, 1 to 4, 1 to 10 and dynamic.
  • The dynamic evaluation scale enables each question to have different amount of reply options.
  • The dynamic evaluation scale calculates the audit score on scale 1 to 5.

Audit, improvement to linkage of LTP action

  • Now a linkage between an audit point and a LTP action can be deleted.

Mobile app improvements

  • User can now add photos to an existing service request, directly from camera or from the photo gallery.
  • Work time can now also be added to service request, maintenance plan task and maintenance notes directly from the mobile app.

Improvement on date fields for excel printouts

  • Previously, date column has included both date and time. From now on the fields will include only date.
  • Now date columns can be filtered based on the date.
  • If you point to a field and make it active, you can view both date and time on the upper line.

Service request feedback function improvements

  • Service request feedback form has been renewed and the use cases increased.
  • Customer can now define what evaluation scale they want to use in the feedback form. Previously, this has ben a set 3-step evaluation scale.
  • Evaluation scale on the feedback form questions can now be between 2 – 10. Each reply can include a preferred text.
  • Each question on the form has the same amount of replies, but texts can be defined to match the question.
  • Improvements have also been made on the feedback form sent to the end user. The form now also includes an open feedback -field in the end of the form. Replies on this open feedback field will also be printed on the Excel-report like the other replies.

Maintenance budgeting improvement

  • It is now possible to add notes on account level in maintenance budgeting.

Stock management improvement

  • It is now possible to define the lower limit of a good stock for individual product.