Release notes

Audit updates

  • User can now link an audit point to existing LTP action/project, in addition to create new ones.

Energy cost report and new process for dynamic reporting

  • The Energy Cost Report allows you to view and compare the total energy costs of property’s.
  • The new “Summary Reports” process in dynamic reporting allows you to view multiple different processes on the same report template.

Improvements in virtual property

  • Virtual property can now be set up for building that is already existing in Granlund Manager. The system will combine correct floors and spaces with correct objects in the asset tree, maintaining the history of these objects.
  • Also, existing virtual property model can be updated.
  • Other small improvements.

Updated energy library report for dynamic reporting

  • More opportunities to compare object consumptions.
  • Separate tab for specific consumption, which allows comparison of specific consumption.
  • Separate tab for the environmental report, which enables a review of CO2 emissions and forms of energy production in buildings.

Improvements in Virtual Property

  • Now multiple different system levels can be visualised in the virtual property view.
  • All systems added can be found on view Systems, and specific view can be selected from the info panel.

Improvements in building analytics

  • Average wind speed data is now available in Pressure difference chart.
  • Renewed Asset sensor management page.
  • It is possible to set dynamic target now in both Network temperature and Network pressure difference settings.
  • Other Building Analytics setting enhancements.

Improvements in Virtual Property

  • The point of interest of the devices now also includes the room number and name.
  • Other usability improvements.

Small UI improvements

  • Terminology update and other small UI improvements.

Improvements in Virtual Property

  • All virtual property view now enable you to transfer to the module side
  • Room number has been added to the tooltip that appears on top of a room
  • Other usability improvements.

Improvements on modifying technical data on multiple properties

  • Improvements have been done on the functionality to modify technical data with multiple properties selected. Now modifying, adding, and deleting attribute values, which are the same for multiple properties, is now more convenient than before.

Transfer building or any lower level within one database

  • To transfer building from one property to another, or any lower level from its original location to another, is now possible.
  • When transferring an object, all data linked to that object, will be transferred to the new location.

Improvements in Building Analytics

  • Outdoor temperature data is now available in Pressure difference chart.