Release notes

Small UI improvements

  • Terminology update and other small UI improvements.

Improvements in Virtual Property

  • All virtual property view now enable you to transfer to the module side
  • Room number has been added to the tooltip that appears on top of a room
  • Other usability improvements.

Improvements on modifying technical data on multiple properties

  • Improvements have been done on the functionality to modify technical data with multiple properties selected. Now modifying, adding, and deleting attribute values, which are the same for multiple properties, is now more convenient than before.

Transfer building or any lower level within one database

  • To transfer building from one property to another, or any lower level from its original location to another, is now possible.
  • When transferring an object, all data linked to that object, will be transferred to the new location.

Improvements in Building Analytics

  • Outdoor temperature data is now available in Pressure difference chart.

Improvements on the front page energy portlets

  • 3 freely selectable consumption items in energy front page portlets.
  • Database setting. Same consumption items will show for all properties.
  • New front page portlet setting page in energy settings for managing the energy front page portlets.

Improvements in Building Analytics

  • Process name ‘Indoor Conditions’ changed to ‘Conditions’.
  • Sorting function implemented in Energy Efficiency.
  • User can open trend chart directly from worst measurement list in Dashboard.
  • Other usability improvements.

Energy cost report now available

  • You now have the possibility to view energy costs from the energy reports.
  • The report calculates the costs based on the information in the tariff library.

Energy environmental reports now available

  • Environmental reports enable you to view three different sorts of reports. You can select to view either on site production-, renewable energy-, or energy carbon footprint report.

HVAC system visualization in Virtual Property

  • User can now see HVAC system visualized in the 3D building model.
  • In addition, it is also possible to check the technical information and maintenance history of HVAC devices from the same interface, raising the usability of Granlund Manager to a new level.

QR code service request page improvement

  • With the newly released feature, main users are able to choose which service areas or request types are shown on the QR code service request page.
  • Additional information field is available also on the service request page for customers who have taken that into use.

Energy source library has now been released

  • Energy source library enables you to manage different energy sources in Granlund Manager. These energy sources can then be linked to the meters. Following parameters can be defined for an energy source: on site production, renewable energy source and the annual CO2 emission factor. These parameters can then be used in energy reporting.