Partnering for success

For over 15 years we have built solid, collaborative relationships with partners worldwide. Ranging from small to large companies, our partners operate in and around the property business and are all equipped with expert knowledge of local markets. In addition, our partners often have extensive experience and the capacity to work as consultants within their respective market.

Granlund Manager establishes a continuous revenue stream for partners, as well as the opportunity to expand existing consultancy services. By representing industry-leading software, partners create new business opportunities within their existing customer base and establish entirely new customer relationships.

We provide hands-on marketing and implementation support for partners all over the world. Through our portal, partners can access the necessary sales, marketing and technical documentation at all times.

Partner with Granlund and create new business opportunities

Stronger together with Mepco

Specialising in building design services, Mepco are a Lithuanian company who were looking for a tool to help improve their client’s facility management processes.

Our cooperation began at the end of 2016, and in a relatively short period of time, we were able to launch Granlund Manager in over ten building complexes across Lithuania and Latvia.

“The most valuable benefit we have gained from cooperation with Granlund is being able to utilise their know-how and long experience in other markets with our clients in Lithuania,” says Mepco CEO Mindaugas Simkus. 

According to Simkus, the technical improvements and cost savings which Granlund Manager enables are what piqued their customer’s interest.

“Another great asset from Granlund Manager is being able to keep in contact with our clients through the software. We are able to offer our existing and new clients better service, as well as keep making them new offers. This is good also for our core business,” adds Simkus.