Smoother property maintenance

Take control over building asset data and any related activity.

Optimise time & resource

Maintenance with Granlund Manager means that the software helps you to manage your preventive maintenance plan – from a single building to your entire building portfolio. Our systematically scheduled maintenance calendar creates visibility to actual service tasks. It clearly shows the status of planned, ongoing and completed tasks.

Maintenance tasks can be planned and assigned either on an individual or team level. This enables effective resource optimisation.

With Granlund Manager property information can be accessed at all times using any kind of device.

Accessibility & oversight of data

As Granlund Manager is cloud-based, up-to-date property information can be accessed at all times using any kind of device. Depending on your assigned role within Granlund Manager, you can easily access the information and reports you need.

Granlund Manager software is fully mobile.

Mobile friendly property maintenance

Maintenance with Granlund Manager is fully mobile. This allows building users to easily make service requests using their mobile, which in turn can be quickly responded to by maintenance personnel.

A new feature has been developed for Granlund Manager, allowing the user of the premises to submit service requests by scanning a QR code printed out and placed in the premises. No user ID or registration is required.

When using the mobile application, the maintenance personnel can manage all their daily tasks on the go. Get the app for maintenance personnel: iOS or Android

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