Implementation made easy

Granlund Manager is available in several languages. It is designed to support a large number of users. The software is very user-friendly, with different user views and rights easily customisable depending on the person’s role.

Granlund Manager provides easy implementation according to customer's needs.


Up and running in 30 days

Granlund Manager is easy and fast to take into use. We plan so you don’t have to. Our experts do the setup for you according to your needs and requirements. We guarantee that your Granlund Manager is up and running within month.

Easy implementation and smooth set-up process is part of our software.


We do the set-up for you 

The required information of the properties, assets, users and maintenance processes is gathered from various sources. The necessary utility meters are created including consumption history data. When integrations are needed, our standard APIs make it easy to integrate data from any external source. All this is included in our set-up service to make implementation easy. We have a strong track record of over 50,000 successful implementations, worldwide.

Implementation is easy and local support is there for you.


Continuous local support

We work locally together with our certified partners and through our own customer support centers. After the implementation phase, we help you with any kind of daily problem solving. We take care of training and end user support. We help with reporting, analytics and offer a wide range of consulting services. When ever there is need for support, we are there to help you in taking the best use of the software.

Easy implementation and easy to scale according to your needs.


Scale Granlund Manager across your property portfolio and add modules according to the changing needs of the properties and their maintenance teams.