S Group, Finland

S Group is a network of companies in the retail and service sectors. It has more than 1800 outlets in Finland and all its properties are managed with Granlund Manager.

Finland’s largest retail chain uses Granlund Manager

S Group started using Granlund Manager for all of its properties in 2018. Approximately 5,000 people around Finland use the software for property maintenance.

In total, S Group has approximately 1,800 locations, including stores, hotels, logistics centres and restaurants. The system was implemented in one year, even though there were more challenges than anticipated.

The aim is to reduce regional differences and make operational processes more uniform across different units around the country.

Mobile use also increasing in stores

Over 20% of S Group’s Granlund Manager use is done on mobiles. The reason for mobile use’s popularity is simple: the distance between locations in a store’s area can be hundreds of kilometres.

“A mobile system makes maintenance’s time management more efficient, because our service providers and our own employees move a lot. Our aim is to make mobile use a more integrated part of our store personnel’s work as well”, says SOK Corporation’s Real Estate Division Development Manager Pasi Lindholm.

Large numbers of service requests processed successfully

S Group’s number of service requests is exceptionally large. Hotels alone make hundreds of requests each month. Even though there might be as many as 20,000 service requests, the requests are processed with a high success rate.

Granlund Manager registers around 35,000 log-ins each month. “We’ve noticed that people who didn’t really use our previous systems are now excited about using Manager in maintenance management”, Lindholm says.

Efficient and smart operation

Business is always at the forefront of S Group’s property maintenance. Following the Group’s strategy and working efficiently and smartly is a part of all operations, which is why the maintenance system must also make all processes faster.

“Granlund Manager’s use is now becoming standardised, and we will be able to focus on improving the system’s use and reporting”, Lindholm says.