The digitalisation of property maintenance in Poland can begin

Property maintenance is moving to the next level in Poland as Finnish expert company in the real estate and construction sector Granlund and Polish expert and consulting company JW+A start their cooperation.

“It’s frustrating to provide the customer with an extensive and complicated report and see limited effect as there is no tool for implementation. In addition to this detailed piece of engineering, and to complement it, we want to launch a tool that helps you operate correctly,” says the owner and Director of JW+A Jerzy Wójcik.

For Granlund, JW+A, which has been operating in the field for 60 years, is a very desirable partner in the Polish market. The situation described by Wójcik is a familiar one at both companies: property maintenance should be made simpler and smarter.

“It’s fantastic to get to collaborate with JW+A. The company is a pioneer in Poland, and we share the same values and interests. JW+A is a great partner that can sense local needs and provide modern solutions for its customers,” says Veikko Martiskainen, Head of International Operations at Granlund.

Process in order

Early adopters have only just started digitalising their property maintenance processes in Poland. Maintenance is primarily handled manually and only a fraction – mainly the ticketing process – has been digitalised. There are not many large operators in the field that would be able to provide a decent solution to this.

Granlund Manager software will be able to provide a solution for the situation in the future. The software’s versatile modules help the property management leadership tremendously in their work. However, the software is only a part of the solution: working methods and processes must also be modernised.

As a result, a customer’s daily life can take a big leap for the better and the customer can even make considerable savings in, for example, energy costs.

“Poland is one of Europe’s largest markets that is attracting investors. The logistics and commercial sectors in particular are seeing growth. We believe there is demand for modern tools and services,” says Granlund’s Martiskainen.

Experts in energy efficiency

Important themes for Granlund and JW+A’s business operations are environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

“Sustainability needs to become a key factor in Poland’s real estate and construction and energy sector. I hope we won’t forget the climate change issue that threatens all humankind. It has not subsided even during the coronavirus epidemic. There is still much that we need to do regarding climate change in Poland,” says Wójcik.

Granlund has operated in Finland for over 60 years, and the company’s strength has always been its expertise in energy efficiency. Energy and environmental matters and their management and monitoring are an important part of Granlund Manager software.


JW+A is a team of specialists in sustainable and ecological construction. They provide suggestions as to how to design, construct and operate buildings so that they would be economical and friendly – both for the environment as well as their users. Their customers are designers, contractors, building developers as well as building owners and managers. JW+A is located in Krakow and Warsaw

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Granlund Manager

Granlund Manager is a cloud-based property maintenance and energy management software, creating smarter ways of working, healthier buildings and happier people.

The software will always operate in each country’s national language. We are currently working on the Polish language version. User support will be available in Polish.

Granlund Group is responsible for developing the software. Founded in 1960, Granlund is a strongly growing group of companies. It provides MEP design, facility maintenance software services and property, energy and environmental consultation for the construction and real estate sectors. Read more: