Survey results show high satisfaction among Granlund Manager users

Overall, the users of Granlund Manager are satisfied with how easy-to-use and versatile the application is.

Granlund conducted a user survey among property managers. Over 320 users representing over 100 user organisations answered the survey. We asked users to share their experiences concerning the use of Granlund Manager and the operation of the Granlund Manager User Support. We also asked users to share improvement suggestions, and received lots useful feedback.

Overall, the users are satisfied with how easy-to-use and versatile the application is. The User Support also received praise. However, there is still some room for improvement. Users wish that the some elements of the application would operate faster and, for example, that the functionalities of the mobile application were extended.

Continuous development

The needs of our large customer base and our own innovations guide the development of Granlund Manager. Our annual investment in development activities amounts to roughly 40% of the business area’s turnover. We publish a new Granlund Manager version update 11 times a year. Each update includes new features that will benefit all customers that are using the related functionalities.
Improvements and new functionalities 

Here’s some preview of our major publications in early 2016:

Renewal and modernisation of the start page, which will, for example:
– significantly accelerate the operation of the application
– enhance the clarity and usability of the application
– increase the display modification options
– simplify getting user support and giving user feedback 

Further development of the mobile application and application extensions
– new functionalities include, e.g. creating new service requests using mobile devices

Renewal of the contract management module

Development of the design tools of the PTS / CAPEX module
We will publish further information about the changes and schedules on our website. We will also notify Granlund Manager users directly of any new developments.
For more information, please contact:

Hannu Tuovinen
Sales manager
tel. +358 50 044 4744