OP Group, Finland

OP Group has started using Granlund Manager at approximately 250 offices across Finland. The maintenance programmes and long-term planning of the properties are now managed by a single system throughout the country. The deployment of the new system harmonises maintenance operations and improves the flow of information.

OP Group uses Granlund Manager for the maintenance of its business premises

Granlund Manager has been used at OP Group’s head office in Helsinki’s Vallila district since the 1990s. In 2018, Granlund Manager was selected as the maintenance system for all of the Group’s business premises. A maintenance manual has been drafted for each property connected to the service, and some of the properties also have maintenance plans.

“We wanted to have a single transparent window to our entire property portfolio,” says Regional Manager Sami Huttunen from OP Business Premises Services.

In connection with the broad deployment of the system, OP Group was also able to digitize all of its documentation on technical building services and the maintenance backlog, for example. The aim is to transition from repair-driven maintenance to proactive maintenance.

A coherent and secure system for 250 properties

The deployment of the system across some 250 properties has taken a couple of years.

“We deployed the system across Finland, one region and one bank at a time. The starting point was different for each of the properties. Harmonizing the operating methods was also one of the objectives of the project,” says Key Account Manager Ville-Veikko Lallukka from Granlund.

While the deployment of the system was supported locally by Granlund’s subsidiaries, it was important for OP that the overall project was managed by the same contact persons – Markus Kokkonen and Ville-Veikko Lallukka – throughout its duration.

“They ensured that the system was established consistently in each location,” Huttunen says. The data security of the systems was addressed at the same time.

“We reviewed topics such as access rights management together to ensure that the system is secure and reliable.”

Improving the quality of maintenance

Granlund Manager is primarily used by the property managers and service providers of OP Group’s bank branches. The employees of the branches can also submit service requests to the maintenance company through OP Group’s Ydin service request system.

“Ydin has been integrated with Granlund Manager to enable the maintenance company to process service requests submitted through Ydin in the Granlund Manager system,” Lallukka explains.

The property maintenance company logs all the technical observations in the maintenance notes. The up-to-date event log means that the unit in Helsinki can see if the ventilation equipment in Hyrynsalmi is in need of repairs. Recurring maintenance activities are scheduled into the annual maintenance calendar using a maintenance plan, and a long-term plan for maintenance is also used.

Granlund Manager has already improved the efficiency of OP’s maintenance operations.

“We have seen a clear improvement in the quality of our maintenance activities,” Huttunen says. He also saves a great deal of time by not having to visit individual bank branches to access the property information kept in their safe.

“Whenever I need the floor plans or HVAC drawings for a property, I can find them directly in Granlund Manager,” Huttunen adds.

The same benefits are achieved in property sales processes: the buyer can get all of the documentation they need straight from Granlund Manager.

Expanding the use of energy monitoring

Several bank branches have begun audits during the autumn using Granlund Manager.

“Audits are a way to engage the participation of the maintenance companies and work together to ensure the consistent quality of property maintenance,” Huttunen explains. Next, OP Group aims to develop dynamic reporting and long-term planning as a tool for broader property management.

Huttunen underscores the importance of OP’s core values – energy efficiency and sustainability – in the selection of development areas. The manual energy monitoring of properties can be expanded to cover the remote reading of energy measurements to provide hourly consumption data. “Granlund Manager is a great tool for this purpose.”