New standards for property reporting

Property owners need to set higher standards and more strategical role for their CAFM tools.

The operational excellence comes when you standardize, centralize and implement new ways of working and tools supporting this. In facility management different SLA’s can be set according to market, business, and property specific requirements, but still aligned with corporate standards and strategy.

This sets new standards for your reporting. It needs to be comprehensive and dynamic. Top management follow strategical KPI’s on the overall portfolio level while individual facility managers follow smaller portfolios as well as individual properties. The emphases of facility managers monitoring is on the SLA and operability of the building.

The resources of facility managers are wasted on compiling data from different sources in Excel reports when proper tools are lacking. Availability and quality of this information is typically poor with no drill in and analytics possibilities. The real visibility and control are missing. Therefore, it is difficult to improve service quality and increase cost efficiency.

Why shouldn’t you accept old school standard reporting? Many solutions can pull out all the data there is in the system. More sophisticated systems can do this even according to different filtering and grouping. Still content is just data in different format instead of information and even more add value information for top management.

When property owner sets strategical dimension for facility management, new standards for the reporting are set as well. Reporting needs to be customized according to the strategical targets. This is a continuous process. When the targets are achieved, or new strategical targets are set there’s new requirements for the reporting. Dynamic and adaptive reporting can be the new normal.

Writer: Veikko Martiskainen is the head of Granlund Manager international business. Veikko has more than 25 years executive level experience of CAFM/CMMS softwares, business development as well as property management consultation. Veikko enjoys to explore different cultures and countries both professionally and privately.