New Pasila emphasizes eco-friendliness

Granlund's designers look for energy efficient solutions

Granlund Oy is involved in the initial HVAC design and electrical engineering as well as energy consultancy for the new Tripla center in Pasila, Helsinki. The project emphasizes energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. The aim is to complete the project and proposal stage plans by the summer of 2015.

The new center in Pasila, known as Tripla, will be consist of three blocks with offices, a shopping and congress center, apartments, a hotel, a multipurpose arena and a public transportation terminal. It will be bordered by Ratapihantie, Pasila bridge and Pasilankatu. The center will connect Itä-Pasila with Länsi-Pasila, as the two neighborhoods are now separated by the railway lines.         

Granlund is responsible for Tripla’s energy consultancy and HVAC design, excluding the station and residential areas, and for electrical engineering within the station block. Tripla is a challenging project in terms of size and environmental requirements. “The 350,000 gross square meter site is also very diverse, so the spaces need to be adaptable and flexible,” says Jukka Tyni, head of Granlund Oy’s HVAC department. The compactness of the area and the simultaneous rebuilding of the surrounding infrastructure also pose challenges for the project.

All design solutions will emphasize energy efficiency and ecological aspects. In terms of electrical engineering we have, for example, considered how natural light and solar energy could be utilized in the design work and what the lighting solutions could be,” says Matti Urjo, head of Granlund Oy’s electrical department. Energy efficient HVAC solutions require, among other things, a good heat recovery capacity, a ventilation system controlled according to the needs, efficient sunlight protection for windows and a dense building shell with good insulation properties.                    

The energy efficiency of the Tripla center will emphasize the optimization of the block entities. Designing the energy solutions on a block level makes it possible to utilize, for example, the varying purposes and operating hours of the buildings while considering the energy consumption, storage, recycling and production solutions. “I believe that the Tripla center will become an excellent example of energy efficiency, paving the way for Finland towards the era of nearly zero-energy buildings,” says Ville Reinikainen, head of Granlund Oy’s energy and environmental department. 

The Tripla center will be YIT Rakennus Oy’s project during 2015-2021. The aim of the project and proposal stage is to find alternative design solutions that take the requirements of the new Pasila into consideration. Then the project will proceed to general planning. The construction work will begin, at the earliest, in 2015 once the detailed plan has been approved. The aim is to complete the Tripla complex during 2020 or 2021.

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