Meilahti Tower Hospital is now energy efficient

The renovation project was accepted in late-2014

The pilot project of energy-efficient renovation for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), the renovation of the Meilahti Tower Hospital, was accepted by the client at the end of 2014. The important HUS renewal project was launched in 2009 with the aim of bringing the conditions of the hospital building built in 1965 up to current standards, while simultaneously significantly decreasing the energy consumption of the property with new design solutions.

During the project, Granlund was responsible for building service design which included HVAC, electrical, sprinkler, building automation and fixed hospital equipment design solutions. Energy efficiency played a major role in all design. The energy efficiency of the Tower Hospital has been improved, as exemplified by the recirculation and recovery of energy flows and energy production from geothermal heating and geo-cooling systems, as well as utilising solar heating. For example, in winter, heating is provided by a geothermal field in addition to heat recovery, and any possible additional heating need is covered with district heating. In summer, geothermal wells are regenerated with the cooling water from water-cooling units. Solar heating is used for hot service water and floor heating needs.

Data modelling in major role
An enormous amount of building services have been placed in the extremely limited facilities of the existing building. Information modelling, which was taken into use from the very beginning of the project, has been a great help in this. Condition and energy simulation programme Riuska has been utilised in improving energy efficiency, which has enabled, for example, the calculation of the building’s thermal behaviour in various burdening and weather conditions.

Further information:

Kari Kaleva
Deputy Managing Director, Granlund Oy
head designer of the project

Ralf Lindström
electrical engineering manager, Granlund Oy
electrical engineering manager

Erja Reinikainen
senior consultant
Energy and Environment, Granlund Oy