Invaluable tips for property maintenance management

Our maintenance gurus Tommi and Aki listed eight good tips for better property maintenance management – and it’s all free!

  1. Create portfolios for the sites. Portfolios allow you to specify a maintenance manual level to meet the targets of each portfolio. Decide which data about the site will be collected and maintained. Which maintenance processes will be used?
  2. Specify the maintenance processes to meet the needs. Prime level for a prime site, but in an average building the standard level is often good enough.
  3. Collect the data about the site and focus on the essential. You should not collect all data because maintaining a huge mass of data burdens the process. Information about the property, building and system are the key initial data for the maintenance processes. For example, find out what type of maintenance and fixed-term inspections should be performed in the building to gain the necessary data. Property maintenance experts are ideal for the task of investigating these.
  4. Integrate. Utilise and combine data between the various systems.
  5. Put the process and systems on the same page. Making the processes and systems in use compatible with each other will help reduce your daily stress.
  6. Utilise the data in service sourcing. The more up-to-date data you have available when you request proposals, the more uncomplicated the contract period will be. Modern software tools enable you to publish the request for tender material digitally and make it available for the selected service provider as is when the contract period begins. When the services have been dimensioned, you can ensure that the resources provided are sufficient.
  7. Dynamic reporting. Manage and develop maintenance at the portfolio level by utilising modern BI tools that enable the data to be itemised and studied from various viewpoints and verify the efficiency of the action taken.
  8. Make sure the data stays up-to-date. The wide range of expert services available on the market, including maintenance manual management, auditing or Capex services, relieve the property owner from the pain of data management.

This list is made by Granlund’s group managers Tommi Söderström and Aki Wickman. They know property maintenance, service operations, quality assurance and maintenance management inside out.