Insinööritoimisto Äyräväinen Rovaniemi Oy and Insinööritoimisto Ylitalo Oy from Oulu join Granlund Group

Our Group is getting stronger in Northern Finland.

Granlund Oy has acquired controlling stakes in Insinööritoimisto Äyräväinen Rovaniemi Oy and Ylitalo Oy in Oulu. Both companies will strengthen Granlund’s reach in the north. The aim is to attain a leading position in building services design, consulting and maintenance software in the region.
”Both companies have operated in the area for a long time and their expertise will provide a good platform for growth on the market in Northern Finland. During the preparatory process, we noticed that our companies shared many of the same elements in their operations, such as strong customer relationships and specialist expertise,” Pekka Metsi says.
”Granlund will provide new impetus for the development of our operations. Finland’s strongest backgrounds in specialist expertise and BIM provide us with even better starting points for our demanding projects. Our own team saw this move as a positive opportunity for development,” adds Petri Vuorre, Managing Director of Ylitalo Oy.
The companies’ names will change to Granlund Oulu Oy and Granlund Rovaniemi Oy.
”Granlund is a diverse expert organisation that will also provide the team in Rovaniemi with the opportunity to continue its strong expert work, while also developing and taking strides into new areas of expertise. As such, our customers in Northern Finland will be able to benefit from the specialist expertise in the entire Granlund network,” says Mikko Äyräväinen, the Managing Director.
Insinööritoimisto Ylitalo Oy is a building services design company founded in 1973. It currently employs 16 personnel. Petri Vuorre will continue as Managing Director and remain a shareholder, while Juha Huczkowski will become manager of the HVAC group. Other nominations will be decided upon at a later date.
Insinööritoimisto Äyräväinen Rovaniemi began operating in 2003 and it is the largest engineering company specialising in designing HVAC and automation systems in Lapland. Mikko Äyräväinen will remain a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Granlund Rovaniemi Oy. The eight personnel employed by the company will continue as ”old employees”. As of 1 October 2016, the company’s Managing Director will be Jukka Kärki and the Design Director will be Vesa Huhtala. Both have also been invited to become shareholders in the company. The transaction will not affect the operations or ownership of Insinööritoimisto Äyräväinen Oy in Helsinki in any way.
”For us, the important factors are continuity, respect for the local area and ensuring that the change positively affects the personnel and partners. It seems that our culture and operating methods are highly compatible,” says Pekka Metsi, Granlund’s CEO.

Further information:

Pekka Metsi
CEO, Granlund Oy
tel. 040 529 6509 

Mikko Äyräväinen
CEO, Äyräväinen Rovaniemi Oy
tel. 040 050 7688

Petri Vuorre
CEO, Insinööritoimisto Ylitalo Oy
tel. 044 057 9664