How to use Granlund Manager in sustainable property management?

Sustainable business is a global hot topic, and the value of money, for example, is increasingly tied to how environmentally friendly business operations are. The Granlund Manager software provides information that makes it easy for you to plan, verify and measure actions that support environmentally responsible property maintenance.

Measures that support carbon neutrality are strongly embedded in the European Union’s programmes, with more affordable funding available for actions that promote environmental objectives. The EU’s sustainable funding classification system, the EU taxonomy, also affects the construction and real estate sector.

“People in the sector are very aware of the significance of sustainability and want to operate in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possible,” says Otto Åkerberg, Sales Manager at Granlund.

Sustainable decisions stem from verified information

When property management and maintenance are planned and directed in a more environmentally responsible direction, the information provided by the Granlund Manager software works to support both everyday life and long-term planning.

Information provided by Granlund Manager makes it easier to make energy-saving decisions

The Granlund Manager software continuously collects data about the status of the property. The data can be used to assess the current state of the property, verify implemented measures and plan for a more carbon-neutral future. In addition to energy efficiency, Granlund Manager can monitor waste volumes, for example, and it can be used to manage various energy-related corrective actions.

Granlund Manager provides you with the information needed for sustainability reports and certificates

Granlund Manager acts as a data bank. You can make use of the data continuously collected in Granlund Manager for your sustainability reports and certifications. Quick and easy access to information streamlines reporting considerably!

With Granlund Manager, you can measure and verify the actions that support the sustainability of the property

You must also be able to measure and verify the planned and implemented measures. Granlund Manager’s reports help you do this. At the same time, you can ensure that the practical tasks related to maintaining the certificate, for example, are carried out on time.

Having all the information you need in one place helps you save working time

Collecting information from different sources not only takes time but also takes up resources. In the Granlund Manager system, all the documents have been centralised in one place and the right information is easily accessible whenever needed. When everything is set up correctly, Granlund Manager produces with just a few clicks a report with all the necessary data on energy efficiency, for example.

Granlund’s experts will guide you through the actions that promote sustainability

In property management and maintenance, the continuous need for information is heightened. Intelligently designed, implemented and measured operations create a framework for environmentally responsible solutions that are also economically viable.

The services offered by Granlund are always aimed at carbon neutrality. We provide our partners with information and guidance on actions to achieve their targets in the most cost-effective way possible.

“Software and consulting form a package that enables us to highlight the actions through which you can achieve carbon neutrality as affordably as possible. We help our customers to make wise decisions,” says Otto.