Helsinki’s West Terminal 2 awarded the Finnish Interior Lighting Award of the year

The lighting and electricals were designed by Granlund.

The winners of the Finnish Lighting Award 2017 competition were awarded today at an expert seminar of Sähkösuunnittelijat NSS ry. The interior lighting category was won by West Terminal 2 of the Port of Helsinki, and the exterior lighting category was won by Muurame Church. In addition, the lighting of Kirkkosaari and Kelanranta in Kuusamo received commendations.

Granlund has been responsible for the lighting and electrical design of West Terminal 2 as a whole.

According to the jury, West Terminal 2 of the Port of Helsinki is a good example of combining architecture, functionality, and lighting. The design is based on a thoughtful overall concept that has been followed with good cooperation between different design sectors. The terminal was built to serve fast scheduled traffic, so guidance is one of the functions of the lighting.

In the lighting design of the West Harbour terminal, the simple idea of a linear line of light, carried out using various applications in ceilings and handrails, is an insightful way of supporting the guidance of passengers through the terminal building. A fabulous sea view opens from the large second floor departure lounge. The huge windows and daylight sensors also enable section-by-section utilisation of daylight. The light fittings and other technologies have been successfully integrated into the ceiling structure made of thin wooden laths, which makes the space calm and eliminates any glare. On this site, lighting is integrated into architecture, and so it should be according to the jury.

Finnish Lighting Award encourages high-quality lighting solutions

The Finnish Lighting Award competition aims to encourage domestic lighting designers and property developers by recognising commendable, high-level lighting solutions. The competition is organised by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of Finland, the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI), the Finnish Association of Interior Architects (SIO), the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland (STUL), Sähkösuunnittelijat NSS ry, and the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK).
The competition was now held for the 16th time. For the fifth time, it was organised separately in two categories: interior and exterior lighting. The winning sites will continue as Finland’s candidates for the Nordic Nordisk Lyspris competition.

West Terminal 2 of the Port of Helsinki
• Constructor: Ari Parviainen, Port of Helsinki Ltd
• Architect: Tuomas Silvennoinen and Pekka Mäkelä, PES-Architects Ltd
• Lighting designer: Sanna Forsman and Matti Syrjälä, Granlund Oy
• Electrical designer: Tero Nieminen, Granlund Oy
• Electrical contractor: LSK Group Oy
Further information:

Tapio Kallasjoki, Chairman of the Jury, tel. +358 50 3645264
Heikki Härkönen, Competition Officer, tel. +358 400 869339
Sanna Forsman, Lighting Designer, tel. +358 50 3522 751,
Tero Nieminen, Project Manager, tel. +358 40 641 8782,

Images of the awarded sites and of the award ceremony:
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Image: Mikael Linden