Granlund’s Team BLØK took a shared win in The AEC Hackathon

The AEC Hackathon, an international event for the digitalisation of construction industry, was held for the fourth time in Finland and first time in Tampere. Granlund enjoyed success at the event.

Granlund’s team BLØK included Francisco Forns-Samso, Ville Kukkonen, Davor Stjelja and Joni Turunen. In total there were 3 challenges at the AEC Hackathon: Digital cities challenge by PTA (Paikkatietoalusta), Producitivity challenge by Fira and User experience in Kampusareena challenge by KIRA-digi.

Team BLØK focused on two challenger, digital cities and Kampusareena, and took a shared win in Kampusareena challenge.

Team developed a prototype of an interactive platform for integrating city level and building level data.

– Cities in Finland like Helsinki and Tampere are providing open data and 3D city information models. This is done to experiment what could be done with the large amount of information that is generated with the increased use of BIM, IoT and Big Data. During the weekend we worked on finding use cases of what can be done by compining city information and building information together and how this would be beneficial for different stakeholders, says Francisco Forns-Samso.

The team worked through the weekend to deliver the prototype which takes 3D city model and building model and visualizes on those models open city data and building data.

Furthermore the platform has a sidebar with dashboard where more KPIs can be visualized.

– Idea is to feed back the data from buildings to the city level, so that KPI’s on portfolio level can be seen and analysed with ease. This would be especially useful for real-estate owners, insurance and energy business areas and investors. Visualizing novel building data such as the occupancy and user feedback on a city level could even open new business opportunities, tells Davor Stjelja. 

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