Granlund Manager Metrix covers over one million square meters

A review of Bilia’s properties

Granlund Manager Metrix offers information about the performance of building systems with the help of simple key figures. The program turns building automation data into indicators that represent energy efficiency, indoor air conditions and the performance of building services. The clearly presented information can easily be used for optimizing a building’s performance and controlling the maintenance activities.

Metrix now covers over one million square meters

This significant milestone was reached when the software was introduced to Bilia’s properties (21,000 m2). We have carried out a building automation system review at the Bilia stores and service facilities. The review is included in the Granlund Manager Metrix services and it allows us to explore the performance of building services and then take the necessary measures to reduce the level of energy consumption. Bilia has, for example, optimized the ventilation performance which allows them to not only improve energy efficiency but also maintain healthy indoor air conditions. Other important measures include efficient use of ventilation and electrical devices as well as smart control solutions.

“Based on the visits included in the review, we gave the customer suggestions as to how they could further develop their already well-functioning building services. We also calculated the potential energy savings for the properties. After completing the review we have continued monitoring the performance of building services, energy efficiency and conditions of the properties with the help of the Metrix software,” says Ilkka Kasari who has been Granlund’s Project Manager for the Bilia project.

“The carefully executed review gave us a good idea of the performance of the building services in our properties. During the initial meetings we took an active role in introducing sites where we have experienced the need to improve the performance of building services. We have been working together for half a year and the collaboration has been very efficient and active,” says Quality Manager Jarmo Vainio of Bilia Oy.

The review has also produced concrete savings. “Every purchase has a price tag and I have estimated that with the measures proposed and carried out so far we will be able to pay our investments relatively quickly. These matters also have an impact on our personnel’s well-being as heating and cooling will be consistent throughout our facilities,” Vainio says.

In the future the performance of Bilia’s properties will be monitored through the Granlund Manager Maintenance Management solution which will improve the monitoring of technical equipment maintenance and documents.

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