Granlund Manager is taking over Scandinavia

Granlund Manager has gained a strong foothold also outside Finland. The software has been in use for over 10 years in other Nordic countries. The most active customers are in Sweden but sales of the software are strongest in Denmark.

Granlund International launched its active operations after summer at which time more active measures to promote Manager sales and cooperation were also taken.

“The first impression of the new markets seems promising, but challenging,” says Otto Åkerberg, who is responsible for the Scandinavian operations.

Local partners as cooperation partners

In Sweden, Granlund has two cooperation partners:  Schneider-Electric and Ebab. The cooperation partners’ presence is strongest in southern Sweden and the Stockholm area.

“The competition in Sweden is fairly strong and nothing is definitely handed for free to foreign newcomers. However, we have analysed the situation so that our strengths lie in maintenance and the energy management side,” says Åkerberg.

There are positive signs in the air. During the year, new customers for Manager have been found during the year, for example, Byggebo, Vätterhem in Jönköping, Entré shopping centre in Malmö as well as the Skåne hospitals.

“The speed is slow but it is improving all the time. This is always the case when looking for new markets.”

Many future plans.

The near future continues to look busy for Granlund International also with regard to Scandinavia.

Datacenter Manager seems to have a market niche in Sweden.

“Our design director Jari Innanen’s contact network has provided us with numerous new leads which are expected to be realised early next year,” says Åkerberg.

The search for new dealers in Sweden is active and involves various methods. In early February 2016, a breakfast event will be organised in Stockholm in cooperation with Ebab, during which subjects such as maintenance management will be discussed.

In early November, Åkerberg with his team will take a road trip to meet local consultancies and visit Gothenburg to discuss cooperation opportunities.

In early 2016, it is Norway’s turn, where discussions about possible cooperation are to be held with Norwegian consultants.

“We are moving ahead full steam. Things are looking good and I am sure I will have more news to tell early next year.”

For more information, please contact

Jan Pawli, Vice President, Granlund International
+358 40 764 8390