The Maintenance of Brazilian Properties Can Now Become Easier

The Finnish property maintenance management software Granlund Manager helps to make property maintenance smarter and easier. Fighting together for functioning buildings and a better everyday life: Brazilian AdvanBiz to start cooperation with Finnish Granlund.

The digitalization of property maintenance could be in high demand, for example, in large new buildings such as shopping centers; a lot of shopping centers are being built in Brazil at the moment. Still, there is a lot to be done when it comes to digitalizing Brazilian properties. Information and technical data used for property maintenance and managing the property are often dispersed across different systems and documents.

“Brazil has a lot of potential to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Energy is expensive and its usage should be reduced considerably, also from an environmental point of view. But it is hard to track energy consumption in a goal-oriented way if the data is only available in Excel format”’ says Francisco Forns-Samso, the Regional Manager of the Finnish company Granlund that specializes in the construction and real estate sector.

“Since the financial crises in 2014 there has been a growing demand for property managers to be more cost and energy efficient. We see that Granlund Manager is an incredible tool that can help our customers to save energy as well as being more sustainable,” says Washington Werner from AdvanBiz.

From the First Encounter to Working Together

The two companies – Granlund and AdvanBiz – crossed paths at an event organized by Business Finland* where Francisco Forns-Samso was speaking about Granlund Manager’s tools and services. Each of the companies’ representatives immediately started to think of the possibilities that cooperation could bring.

“We decided that Brazil was definitely an interesting market for us at Granlund due to its status as one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world,” Forns-Samso says.

AdvanBiz is a technology sector company operating in the entire Latin America with experience in, for example, managing shopping centers as well as knowledge in integration. These are the factors that contributed greatly to why we wanted Granlund Manager, the top software for managing Northern European properties, to be included in AdvanBiz’s selections.

“The level of engineering is high in Brazil, among the highest in Latin America. Still the level of digitalizing property maintenance, energy and data management has not yet reached the level it should be in Brazil. Granlund Manager being an industry leading property maintenance and energy management solution has an enormous market potential in Brazil, “ thinks Washington Werner.

“Brazil is the leading country in the usage of BIM (Building Information Model) in Latin America. This is one of the reasons why we are interested in Brazil, since Granlund has been the pioneer in the usage of BIM in Finland,” Forns-Samso tells.

*) Business Finland is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion. Business Finland’s 600 experts work in 40 offices globally and in 16 regional offices around Finland. Business Finland is part of the Team Finland network.

AdvanBiz is specialized in disruptive technologies, operating in the national and Latin American market with strategic partners and meeting the most demanding technical and business requirements. Read more:

Granlund Manager is a cloud-based property maintenance and energy management software, creating smarter ways of working, healthier buildings and happier people.

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Granlund Group is responsible for developing the software. Founded in 1960, Granlund is a strongly growing group of companies. It provides MEP design, facility maintenance software services and property, energy and environmental consultation for the construction and real estate sectors.