Granlund makes large software delivery to the City of Vantaa

The project to modernise the City of Vantaa's property management system was executed by a consortium of four organisations at the forefront of their respective sectors. Maintenance of the city's properties is now managed using Granlund Manager.

”The system modernisation required software and content that could not be obtained solely from one supplier,” says Veikko Martiskainen, Business Director for Granlund Manager services. ”That is why Granlund, Rapal, Scudo Solutions and Gravicon offered an information system solution together. Thanks to our collaboration, the client did not need to make any compromises or worry about integrating different systems. Now, the software entities all communicate with each other and are all available from a single portal. Our consortium has created an overall property management solution known as IWMS360° on the basis of Vantaa’s model. The model combines the best tools from four suppliers to create a one-stop shop.”

Manager boost the efficiency of maintenance planning

Granlund Manager is used to manage the City of Vantaa’s property maintenance, life-cycle planning (long-term planning) and energy use, and to steer the operations of service providers.

”The most important aim of the new system was to increase the efficiency and reliability of our core operations,” says Pasi Salo, Business Premises Manager at the City of Vantaa’s facilities centre. ”The new software is more diverse than the old system, and basic details on all of the sites are automatically updated on various other systems.”

The software was deployed without a hitch

Manager includes a fault reporting system and planning and monitoring of property maintenance tasks.

”It was easy to deploy the fault reporting and feedback system, and the users – including technical building managers who steer maintenance and maintenance technicians – did not need any actual deployment training,” Salo states. ”In the future, we intend to use the software to create customer views depending on user profiles, so users will only see the operations or tasks that are relevant to them.”

Manager also includes service descriptions for the City of Vantaa’s basic property maintenance services.

”Our basic property maintenance is the responsibility of the city’s own group company, Vantaan tilapalvelut Vantti Oy, but overall, Manager has thousands of different users every year,” Salo says. ”Manager processes data on approximately 850 buildings, and the software is already being used to make approximately 20,000 service requests annually.”

Detailed maintenance reports

An essential part of Manager is comprehensive reporting.

”The operations of the municipal organisation involve various nomenclatures and terms, and it was important for these to be integrated into Manager before the software was deployed. Although preparing and defining nomenclatures sounds like a small job, it is vital to the system when it is in use. When everything is classified correctly, we can obtain more accurate reports from the system,” Salo states.

Manager has also improved reports on energy management.

”Previously, data was collected manually. Now, the local energy company sends consumption readings electronically to Manager, so data is collected automatically. As the consumption data we receive is more accurate and extensive than previously, the reports are also more detailed.”

Life-cycle planning tool for buildings

Vantaa uses Manager as a tangible tool for long-term planning of maintenance work.

”Manager is a long-term planning tool, and we have also begun using it in meetings: we no longer have separate task lists as all of the data is entered directly into Manager and stored there,” Salo says. ”Maintenance technicians use Manager to monitor and perform property management tasks, and the mobile user interface works well on tablets. We have also begun including condition assessments in long-term plans, and we also aim to add the results of site reviews. We are also planning to begin using Manager’s quality audit tool.”

More information:
Veikko Martiskainen
Director, Granlund Manager Services
+358 50 563 8226


”Granlund has offered us active support on system deployment in addition to the software delivery. We have received the expertise that we have needed, and Granlund’s personnel have shown a keen interest in our internal operating processes. Understanding our operations was of material importance in successfully deploying the software.”

– Pasi Salo, Business Premises Manager at the City of Vantaa’s facilities centre