Granlund Designer used by design offices

The cloud-based Granlund Designer application offers solutions for managing device data related to building services. Design offices have adopted the application in their businesses.

Granlund Designer has been taken into use by several companies this year, including Insinööritoimisto Leo Maaskola Oy, for creating lists of building service devices. Leo Maaskola Oy can now take advantage of cloud services, role-based access and device history management – services that were not previously available.

”We originally purchased Granlund Designer to improve the quality of work. I believe that if the project manager carefully reviews the products and specifications at the beginning of a project, the quality and technical specifications will also be handled appropriately,” says Insinööritoimisto Leo Maaskola Oy’s Managing Director, Kari Seitaniemi.

In addition, Seitaniemi says that separating device specifications out of work specifications into separate documents and data warehouses enables the customer to obtain clearer and more accurate device specifications.

Granlund Designer enables the maintenance device database to be updated throughout the construction process. Thanks to its use of role and history data, the designer’s device requirements are saved on the application, and in future projects, such as renovations, it is a simple matter to go back and verify the device data in the original designs.

”By using Granlund Designer, the design office’s customer – the property owner or project client – can obtain information in a modern format via cloud services. This enables the use of device data to be analysed throughout the property’s life cycle and makes it easier to acquire source data in situations such as building renovations,” says Vikke Niskanen, Project Manager in the Granlund Designer marketing and support team.