Granlund brings light art to Malmi, Helsinki

Loimu work to illuminate the headquarters.

Granlund brings light art to its headquarters in Malmi. The 12-metre-high Loimu artwork illuminates the entrance of the offices and is also visible on the courtyard. The artwork is based on the Light Pipes work displayed in Lux Helsinki in 2017.

Granlund has been involved in supporting light art both in Lux Helsinki and with the Loimu artwork at the headquarters. ”Light art can help improve well-being in the built environment, and we want to contribute to this development. In Lux Helsinki, Light Pipes was one of the most popular works, bringing warmth to the centre of Helsinki at the darkest time of the year. Now Loimu delights both our staff and customers at our headquarters,” says Granlund’s CEO Pekka Metsi.

Loimu, as well as the Light Pipes originally exhibited in Lux Helsinki, is an interactive light artwork. The brightness of its 45 lights can be controlled through the valves located in the staircase. ”The starting point for the design of Loimu was the idea of ​​a fireplace and a tilestove, which formerly formed the heart and heat source of a building. Granlund designs in buildings systems which are the heart of a modern building. Loimu reflects this idea and now creates a welcoming atmosphere in the staircase,” say the designers of the work, Rölli Ridanpää and Tero Laine from Tricton.

Granlund wants to raise the importance of lighting design in northern conditions from its current level.

The dark season is long in Finland, and the importance of lighting is emphasised. There are already lots of light advertisements on the walls of properties, but light art has been less used. It could be used to highlight properties and improve the built environment in a whole new and interesting way,” comments Granlund’s Senior Consultant, Presentation Technology Ilkka Paloniemi, who acts as Artistic Director of Lux Helsinki, organised for the tenth time next year.

Further information:

Pekka Metsi
CEO, Granlund Oy
+358 40 529 6509

Ilkka Paloniemi
Senior Consultant, Presentation Technology, Granlund Oy
+358 50 500 4141

Rölli Ridanpää, Tricton Oy
miika.ridanpaa ( at )
+358 50 527 8527 

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