Finnish Digital Twin Experts join forces with Indian Digital life-cycle design Company

Desapex and Granlund have signed a partnership agreement regarding the Granlund Manager sales and implementation in the Indian subcontinent. This partnership plays a vital role in brining Finnish innovation to Indian market.

Like Granlund in Finland, Desapex Engineering Consultants LLP is a top digital engineering consulting company in India. Granlund’s digital twin is a module in the maintenance management software Granlund Manager and Desapex will be implementing this solution to their clients in Indian Market.

Desapex is India’s first digital life-cycle design company, with headquarters in Bangalore, India’s equivalent of Silicon Valley. It was started in 2015 to upskill India’s youth workforce to be able to work on construction projects using the latest technologies. The company’s founders switched direction when they ventured into digital design consulting services on digital platforms, and now employ around 35 staff. Also, desapex in the first and only tier 01 consulting company in india who have got kitemark for ISO 19650 certification for BIM.

“Desapex and Granlund are technical forerunners that are not afraid to introduce new innovations and practices in the field,” says Veikko Martiskainen, Head of International Operations at Granlund.

Both companies take the entire lifecycle into consideration in the design and maintenance of buildings. It is not enough to design and build well; buildings need to be maintained well to make them functional and comfortable for their users. Desapex also believes that Indian market is ripe for digital disruption and clients are looking forward to use more and more digital framework and technologies to bring organizational resilience in the post pandemic era.

Highly interesting market

India is a highly interesting market for Granlund. The country has a vast array of modern real estate and customers who are looking for high-quality conditions and energy efficiency in buildings. The need to digitalize building maintenance processes is huge in India and elsewhere in the world. Granlund’s software product Granlund Manager – Digital Twin was developed particularly for this purpose.

“We are drawn towards India also because of the country’s strong IT expertise and knowledge in the industry. Furthermore, the demand for smart building solutions that we are involved in developing is high in India.”

In the future, Desapex will manage the sales and implementation of Granlund Manager and the related customer service in India.

Martiskainen says he is extremely happy about the partnership agreement between Granlund and Desapex Engineering Consultants LLP.

“We choose our partners carefully; the company has to be right for us. For example, expertise in the real estate and energy sectors is vital. We need a partner that understands the local market and culture. In Finland, we do things differently than in India,” Veikko Martiskainen says.

Shreenidhi Hungund who is the head of engineering services at desapex stated that considering market size and support required for the client’s in both techno-commercial aspect, he was convinced with Granlund capabilities and capacity in delivering the same and have done it in the past for more than 1000 clients and 60,000 real estate properties.

Martiskainen points out that in Granlund’s partnership model, the cooperation benefits both parties and equality is an important starting point for business development.

“This cooperation makes Granlund’s 60 years of experience in building and real estate and 20 years of experience in software development available for buildings in India,” Martiskainen comments.