Finland’s First Ever Behaviour Change Hackathon

5 Tips to Reduce Building User Energy Consumption

Granlund organized Finland’s First Ever Behaviour Change Hackathon with Demos Helsinki 4 May by gathering software developers, behavioural psychologists and energy experts together. The focus of the event was on user energy consumption which concerns the interaction of people and a buildings installed energy consuming systems.

A hackathon is an event where software developers collaborate intensively with a wide range of experts on software projects that aim to solve a particular problem.

The vast majority of buildings have very little knowledge of who, when and where energy is consumed as they only have a measurement of total electricity and total heating consumption. With this in mind the goal of the hackathon was to scale down the requirements and to stick to simple, practical solutions that would be quick to build, and would help promote sustainable behavior.

In the hackathon the focus was on solutions for existing office buildings that did not have sub-metering. The expectation prior to the event was that successful development of these solutions would raise the awareness of the benefits of behavior change in the real estate context. Solutions were developed for the 5 topic areas which were lighting, appliances, elevators, space use and heating.

Read Granlund’s Sustainability Group Manager Ken Dooleys’ blog about the hackathon results at