Energy savings and structured way of working in Karlskrona

Karlskrona municipality has been working for energy optimization with Granlund Manager since 2005.

Project was originally initiated because municipality wanted to follow up their energy consumption in order to get a concrete idea of how well their energy optimization project succeeded. 

As a result of the project they gained more visibility and control. By using the reports available in Granlund Manager the municipality’s operations and service management unit knows what steps and investments they need to do in order to bring down energy usage.

Clear Energy savings

The project also resulted in clear savings in energy – 15 million Swedish kronas during the past five years.

– We have been able to receive clear savings while gaining full visibility of the whole energy consumption. Additionally, we have a list of actions needed for further energy savings as well as an understanding of the impact of these actions, says Project Manager Tomas Olsson from Karlskrona municipality.

A more structured way of working 

In early 2015 Karlskrona municipality began to use Granlund Manager preventive maintenance features. This has resulted in a more structured way of working, and now the municipality’s operations and service management unit has a complete picture of the property management operations. 

– Previously we had notebooks in the buildings and technicians worked in their own way. Now there is a common and structured way of working with the result that everyone knows what to do, Olsson continues.

Today they also use the mobile functionality that makes it easier to work in the field. Another module taken into use was the module for long-term planning.

For more information, please contact:

Otto Åkerberg
Regional Manager, Scandinavia
+358 50 3100 121