Energy efficiency is paramount at the CSC data centre

Our data centre team was in charge of designing, building and supervising the Kajaani data centre expansion

The IT Centre for Science (CSC) and Granlund began their partnership in 2007 with the Espoo data centre’s project design, and solidified the partnership when the Kajaani data centre project began in 2010. At that point, Granlund was involved as the building maintenance expert for the first phase.

The data centre expansion project began in early 2013 and was completed the following year. Granlund’s Maintenance department sent its senior consultant, Petri Isopahkala, to be the project leader for the expansion project along with leading the design group: ”We were in charge of project management, design, building and supervision as a whole. The Granlund PLUS service was used extensively in the requirement specification phase.”

The data centre was expanded with a modular solution, which involved prefabricated containers being integrated into the existing property. ”Energy efficiency was the basis for the expansion”, says CSC’s Development Manager Jukka-Pekka Partanen, the man responsible for the data centres’ production. ”Granlund helped us in creating the tender material, and later on with guidance for the container provider, which led us to the most efficient energy solutions. The PUE figure, which indicates a data centre’s energy efficiency, was the most important thing. That figure is now 1.04, a very high score.”

The Granlund Data Center team was the basis for active co-operation. ”Granlund was very adaptive to our requirements”, says CSC’s Partanen. ”The team that was built for us is compact, so we can receive service that is flexible with all of the experts easy to reach. Our co-operation is open and honest and as such, we trust Granlund’s expertise for many other projects. In 2015, our partnership will continue with the Keilaniemi, Espoo energy review project that’s related to the new law on energy efficiency and the data centre’s life cycle survey.”

Further information:

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Senior Consultant
Data Center, Granlund Oy
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