Energiapolar and Granlund Rovaniemi to begin cooperation

Offering of energy efficiency services in northern Finland.

Energiapolar Oy, a Lapland-based electricity sales and marketing company, and Granlund Rovaniemi Oy, which provides planning and consulting services for the building services sector, have signed a cooperation agreement and will jointly offer energy efficiency improvement services in northern Finland. Efficient energy use, energy savings and environmental matters are important to both companies. Therefore, initiating cooperation was a natural step.

According to Ari Kortesalmi, Energiapolar Oy’s Account Manager, the energy company is eager to participate in the cooperation project. Energy efficiency measures were previously mainly limited to the annual consumption reports offered to corporate customers and to the recommendations given by Energy Advisor Toni Semenoja. Only a small proportion of customers have been able to utilise the consumption report more in depth in their businesses. At the same time, several large companies have enquired about how to use the report with short- and long-term investments in mind.

”The cooperation with Granlund allows us to meet our customers’ needs in a more comprehensive way,” states Kortesalmi. Boosting energy efficiency also increases companies’ competitiveness on global markets. Every euro saved on energy costs can be invested with future operations in mind. Kortesalmi also mentions that the development of new services will continue thanks to the technological changes that are expected to occur in the energy sector in the near future. For example, the possibilities of automation and continuous optimisation come into the picture when the customer’s own systems support new operating models. Improving energy efficiency should be a comprehensive process based on life-cycle thinking rather than a string of individual projects or equipment purchases.   

Taking the customer’s special needs into account, knowing the special features of the Arctic environment and keeping to schedules are the fundamentals of Granlund Rovaniemi Oy’s operations,” says CEO Jukka Kärki. We strive to transform customer relationships into long-term partnerships. It is important that building service systems be reliable and easy to use. When planning building services systems for northern Finland, it is necessary to take into account not only the climate but also the availability of technical equipment maintenance and spare parts from local partners.

”By combining the local knowledge of Energiapolar and the Rovaniemi office with the know-how of Granlund Group as a whole, we can provide services to companies interested in improving their energy efficiency,” says Erja Reinikainen, Granlund Consulting Oy’s Leading Energy Expert. Granlund Consulting offers special expertise and experience in energy use management for different types of site for energy efficiency projects in northern Finland.

Lapin Kumi’s energy efficiency survey: pilot project

Energiapolar and Granlund refined their operating models for energy efficiency services in a pilot project implemented at Lapin Kumi Oy’s Rovaniemi office in December. The site visits focused on the most significant technical systems from the point of view of energy use and on the problems related to the control of indoor conditions. A report was prepared on the key factors related to the current situation of energy consumption and the use and operation of building service systems. It also included suggestions for improvement measures in the short and long term.

According to Ville Ruokanen, the energy survey was useful and a good operating model was developed. ”The results and suggestions arising from the site visit confirmed our concepts regarding the level of HVAC technology for the office as well as future measures. It is great that energy use and improvement needs are investigated thoroughly and impartially,” states Ruokanen.

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Ari Kortesalmi
Account Manager, Energiapolar Oy
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Toni Semenoja
Energy Advisor, Energiapolar Oy
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Jukka Kärki
CEO, Granlund Rovaniemi Oy
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Erja Reinikainen
Leading Energy Expert, Granlund Consulting Oy
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Ville Ruokanen
CEO, Lapin Kumi Oy
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