Easton Is the Winner of Tekla BIM Awards 2017

Granlund part of the winning team

Tekla BIM Awards 2017 were announced on Tuesday night 20 June in Helsinki. The project that won the awards was Kesko’s new shopping centre Easton in Itäkeskus, Helsinki, to be opened this autumn. Granlund has been responsible for the building service design of the project and for consulting on energy-related and environmental matters, as well as fire prevention, designing refrigeration for stores, and designing lighting.

BIM Awards are granted yearly to construction projects that utilise building information modelling in an innovative manner. In addition to exquisite structures, a diverse utilisation of building information models and BIM-based co-operation between project parties are valued in the competition.

“Co-operation between the construction project parties has been successful and it has increased our knowledge of the various aspects of building information modelling. We have faced challenges from a particularly precise building services model and from a constantly updated structural environment,” comments Tero Järvinen, Technology Director at Granlund.

“The BIM was utilised in the HVAC design stages of system accommodation and integration, as well as in creating BIM-based hole estimations. The geometry and equipment specifications have been maintained during construction on the basis of the changes made at the construction site and the equipment selections by the contractors. This means that the contractor does not need to make red line markups in the traditional quantity, and creating adjustment markups for the adjustment work is easy,” says HVAC Engineer Miika Nuuttila.

During the Easton project, Granlund will also pilot combining a structural model with a building service model through VR glasses, and a cloud-based equipment specifications software Granlund Designer. “Some of the equipment are inserted into the cloud-based system, where an engineer either approved or declined the equipment. Both pilot projects gave us very useful insight on further development, and the use of VR glasses in our projects has already increased,” says Järvinen.

In addition to Granlund, the Easton project team included: Haahtela, Wise Group, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, Lujatalo, Ramboll, Kesko and Byggnadsekonomi. As the best project, Easton will also participate in the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018 competition.

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