Central Uusimaa municipalities are developing their service networks

The central Uusimaa municipalities of Nurmijärvi, Kirkkonummi, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Sipoo and Pornainen have decided to investigate the status of their service networks and how they could be developed. Tuusula, Mäntsälä and Kerava have already carried out similar investigations. These investigations focus on the school, day care and health center networks of the municipalities.

It is typical that the service networks do not serve the residents as well as they could. The facilities are often far apart and in poor condition. Too much money is spent on maintaining the facilities, instead of producing better quality services.

Eight of the ten municipalities in central Uusimaa have also decided to carry out an investigation concerning the impact of a possible municipal merger on the service networks. The greatest benefits in terms of both quality and finances can be achieved by combining the service networks and by making them more effective. The municipalities’ own service network investigations provide a good foundation for the future work.

Further service network investigations will be conducted by specialists from Granlund Oy and Kuntamaisema Oy together with the municipalities’ own specialists. The work will include a survey of all employees, an analysis of the services using Granlund’s Diamond model, interviews with the users, an analysis of the properties and activities as well as a proposal for three alternative service networks.

Service network investigations have also been carried out for other Finnish municipalities and cities. The previous investigations have discovered significant potential for savings in real estate costs and operational costs.