Building information modelling is becoming more widespread in Spain

The general building information model requirements have now been translated into Spanish and they are being customised to make them more suitable for designing buildings in Spain.

Building information modelling has rapidly become a more widespread feature of structural design over the last decade. Several countries, including Spain, Germany and Estonia, have translated the building information model requirements into their own languages. The objective in Spain is to provide the construction sector with a guide that can be easily adapted and developed to suit the southern European climate.

In addition, the aim was for building information modelling to lay a better foundation for collaboration between different parties and different countries.

The process was helped by the BuildingSMART organisation, which standardises data contents and monitors the development of standards. BuildingSMART is an unaffiliated nonprofit organisation that aims to increase awareness of building information modelling.

Granlund has been a member of the BuildingSMART Finland collaboration forum since 1996. Granlund is actively involved in creating shared methods for describing models within building information modelling software, and the use of the IFC format, as well as the translation of building information model requirements, can be considered examples of the indirect utilisation of Granlund’s professional expertise.

”This collaboration harmonises building information modelling processes. Building information modelling is one of Granlund’s key areas of expertise, so it is natural that we are actively involved in creating and developing standards,” says Tero Järvinen, Granlund’s BIM Manager. Järvinen also chairs BuildingSMART Finland’s building services working group.

Granlund’s Consultant in Innovation and Development, Francisco Forns-Samso, is familiar with the current state of construction and use of building information modelling in Spain. He is preparing a doctoral thesis on the subject of ”Building information models in maintenance” under Granlund’s supervision and he will begin working at the BIM implementation commission. Forns-Samso is also an active member of the BuildingSMART Spain organisation.

”Building information modelling is a hot topic in Spain at the moment. More extensive use of building information modelling will change design methods, construction and premises management drastically. However, it is still too early to say how quickly this change will take place,” says Forns-Samso.

The expansion of IFC standards into new countries shows how building information modelling is gaining in appreciation. This is the starting point for continuous development of building information models in the future.