Big Room concept brainstormed by students

Fresh perspective from the EBEC engineering skill competition

Granlund was the main partner of Aalto University’s international EBEC European BEST Engineering Competition preliminary qualifying round, which this year focused on brainstorming the Big Room concept. The winner was 3.5 Italians with their cupola idea. In the new kind of Big Room, people would work under a cupola which would support Big room thinking:

• on the outer edges of the cupola, it would be possible to perform tasks requiring concentration
• in the middle, there would a circular table, where you could work together; the size of the table could also be adjusted according to need
• large displays and utilisation of cloud services would improve information flow
• new facilities could be added to the cupola as modules, when needed

The second place went to the team Lost Card, whose suggestion was a Big Room assembled from containers, while third place was taken by Team Väkkärä, whose plan emphasised ICT in making working easier.

Eight teams of 3–4 students each participated in the competition organised on 21 March in the Design Factory. Multidisciplinary team composition was a strength, since Big Room concepts were developed over discipline boundaries and not only from the perspective of the building industry. The competition was organised for the sixth time and the winning team gets to participate in the EBEC Nordic semi-finals in Gothenburg. The EBEC final will take place in Porto, Portugal in August.

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