Big data for Property Management

The goal: comfortable and productive properties

Senate Properties, the work environment and property office for the State has initiated a globally unique Big Data project, where all of the energy efficiency information and interior air quality measurements from the technical systems of 250 properties will be collated in one central system.

The central goal of the Big Data project is to improve the comfort and productivity of the people using those properties. The measurement data will provide, for the first time, a real-time view to the interior air quality and functionality of equipment of a large property portfolio. This information can be used to detect interior air quality issues before the users notice them and therefore react to the situation on time.

High interior air quality will also be one of the goals of property management. This is a massive change in the property maintenance mindset , since in the past, it focused on equipment maintenance. Now, the indicator for the end result is the entire maintenance task – high quality interior air for the people working in the property.

The source of the measurements is the building automation system. All of the measurement data is gathered and refined into key figures for maintenance management with the Granlund Manager family’s Metrix application. In its full capacity, the application processes millions of measurements per day and crunches the data to find the essential factors for management.

New ways to save energy

Big data can also be used to enhance the way properties use energy. Senate Properties have managed to decrease their energy consumption by, among other things, increased metering of energy consumption, involving property users in energy savings efforts, and using remote control centre expertise for guiding property services.
The measurement data provided by this project means that factors in energy consumption can be identified more easily, and deviations in consumption can be reacted upon much faster. An additional goal is to use this information in designing for local energy production.

Further information:

Heikki Ihasalo
Senior Consultant, Building automation, Granlund Oy
tel. +358 40 820 9623

Pasi Pipatti
Building management expert, Senate Properties
tel. +358 40 078 7961