All McDonald’s restaurants relies on Granlund Manager in Finland

McDonald’s Finland uses Granlund Manager for maintenance follow-up in all restaurants in Finland. The use of the system has supported company in its efficient operation by saving time as well as producing transparency and easiness in reporting.

McDonald’s is known for its very conceptualized and efficient operation around the world. Each process is supported by a system, that is chosen through a thorough evaluation. Granlund Manager was chosen to support the company’s Planned maintenance system in Finland.

Cooperation between McDonald’s Finland and Granlund Manager was started five years ago, and today Granlund Manager is in use in all restaurants in the country.

“We saw that Granlund Manager was most suitable for us due to many facts. One of them is that we can have all our documentation in same place and available for all relevant parties. We consider this feature very important,” explains Marko Sokka, Restaurant Support Manager of McDonald’s Finland.

McDonald’s Finland has a versatile use for Granlund Manager: the system includes Planned Maintenance calendar for restaurant personnel, user guidelines for restaurant equipment upkeep and detailed information about restaurant properties.

Granlund Manager as produced transparency for tasks and easiness for reporting.

“Before Granlund Manager all information was in paper. Now we use this digital system as an inventory for restaurant blueprints, plans and also for property/equipment maintenance, and this has saved a lot of time, and now we can be sure that the information is always up to date. Today our work is easier and we can focus more time on serving our inner and outer customers,” Sokka emphasizes.

The cooperation has been valued by McDonald’s Finland.

”The cooperation has been trustworthy, smooth and timely. When we have meetings, Granlund’s team produces new ideas for our property maintenance and the collaboration is fruitful,” Sokka states.

For more information, please contact:

Aki Wickman
Granlund Oy
050 315 2564