A new tool for making energy-efficient choices

Maximise the profits of your invested capital, or minimise your investment costs with mathematical optimization

It used to be a challenge to compare different energy solutions from the point of view of investment and lifecycle costs. It’s now easy to minimise investment and lifecycle costs along with energy consumption using the MOBO (Multi-Objective Building Performance Optimization) software developed at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University. MOBO is based on multi-objective optimisation implemented with a mathematical optimisation algorithm.

Granlund is offering optimisation of mathematical energy solutions with MOBO alongside the 1,000 cases in one-hour optimisation that we launched in 2014 for implementation in our Solmu workshops.

What can MOBO be used for?

The MOBO optimization review can be used in new construction for choosing near-zero energy building solutions and also for choosing cost-optimal repair concepts in renovations. The tool can, for example, maximise the return on invested capital or minimise investment costs. The tool can also be used to survey the solutions that can be implemented with the current budget.

Tuomo Niemelä, the leading energy expert at Granlund, has applied the pioneering research he performed for his master’s degree at Aalto University in practical planning work. He used MOBO to define cost-effective energy renovation solutions for a 1960s apartment block. Based on his research, it is not worth insulating the exterior walls of 1960s apartment buildings if the goal is to minimise lifecycle costs. The calculations also show that air conditioning renovations for 60s apartment buildings would not be viable either, even though the increase in interior air quality and comfort do bring additional value.

The most viable energy renovation solutions were heat pumps and renewable energy production (solar panels) on site. Window improvements and additional flat roof insulation are the only added insulation worth considering, according to the results.

Further information:

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Tuomo Niemelä
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