Uptime Institute’s design and maintenance certification to Granlund’s data center specialists

The unbiased advisory organisation Uptime Institute assesses data centers throughout the world. In addition, it trains specialists in designing, servicing and maintaining reliable data centers.

Matti Sinisalo, Group Manager at Granlund’s Electricity department, was the fifth Finn to complete the institute’s data center design training. There are roughly two thousand Accredited Tier Designers (ATD) in the world. 

“Thanks to the training, I now have the qualifications for designing data centers that meet the institute’s Tier standards and for assessing designs and existing data centers with regard to their certifiability,” comments Sinisalo. “We learnt about things related to data center reliability, such as power distribution and IT networks, cooling solutions and auxiliary power sources. According to the strictest criteria, the goal is to design data centers utilising compartmentation to ensure that a fire or water damage in one area does not paralyse the entire facility.”

The first ATS in Finland

Timo Lindqvist, HPACA Technology Specialist at Granlund’s Mission Critical department, was the first Finn to participate in the institute’s new data center service and maintenance training (ATS).

“Failures in data centers are often caused by human error among operating personnel, but, according to the institute, there are many underlying factors,” notes Lindqvist. “It is essential to understand the data center operating environment as a whole and to pay attention to maintenance and personnel training, for instance.”

At the moment, the biggest problem in the field is the broad spectrum of diverse information and documentation systems.

“In some data centers, information is still recorded in Excel files. What is needed is a uniform maintenance system that would provide its users with maintenance logs and plans as well as documentation tools. One existing solution for the needs of European data centers could be the Granlund Manager software.”

The training provided guidelines for planning the future operations of the Mission Critical department.

“We complement our skills abroad regularly because we want to remain a forerunner in the business and develop our service offering in line with the best practices in the field,” says Lindqvist. “We can utilise the latest know-how directly in our deployment services and operating personnel training, for instance.”