The Granlund Manager Mobile application has been released

The development work for the application has focused from the beginning on an intuitive user experience.

On Midsummer week, the Granlund Manager maintenance system got a mobile application alongside a browser-based user interface. It enables to maintain properties regardless of their location and has already received positive feedback from the users.

With the mobile application, essential information about the needs of property maintenance is always passed along, reaches the right persons and frees up time for actual maintenance work.

”The benefits of the application become apparent especially when maintaining large and scattered properties,” says Jack Westrén-Doll, the director of Granlund’s Software department. ”There is no need to visit the sites in a specific order. They can be visited according to the degree of urgency. The mobile application also enhances the property managers’ and owners’ work. For example, more effective approval procedures result in improved service quality for the users of the premises.”

Mobile work independent of network quality

The application also works in the blind area, and real-time notifications can be sent to the mobile phone.

”The user does not need to retrieve information separately as push messages are received automatically,” states Westrén-Doll. ”Furthermore, thanks to the offline support, efficient mobile work is also possible in the blind sector. For example, system faults can be recorded already in the basement and the information is loaded from the telephone to the server in an area with better reception.”

Excellent user experiences

The development work for the application has focused from the beginning on an intuitive user experience. The pilot version has been tested by four property managers in Sipoo.

”Feedback has been so good that the application will be adopted by all of our property managers as well as by management and supervisors,” says Ossi Hartikainen, the technical building manager of the Municipality of Sipoo. ”The use of the application is smooth, and the tool can be modified in many ways. It will significantly speed up our operations. Property managers can mostly work from the field and can acknowledge, for example, service requests in real time also in areas not covered by the network.”

Cooperation during the development phase has been received with great satisfaction in Sipoo.

”We have really been listened to, and Granlund has cooperated with both property managers and users,” states Hartikainen. ”I believe that the applications represent the right direction in the sector and that the field application is certain to become more common in property maintenance.”