The FDCF was founded to promote data center activities in Finland

Chairman from Granlund

Finland’s data center specialists have joined forces by founding the Finnish Data Center Forum ry which strives to promote data center activities in Finland. The association believes that Finland has more to offer to the data center market, but the industry still lacks common standards and operating models.

The founding members of the Finnish Data Center Forum, aka FDCF, are ICT service providers and construction companies. The founding members include CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd., Granlund Oy, DCI Ratkaisut Oy, Rittal Oy, Wakaru Oy and Fujitsu Finland Oy.

The primary function of the association is to develop Finland’s data center activities, expertise and market. Thus, the aim is to improve, for example, Finland’s international competitiveness in the data center market. Networking and expertise development will also improve the efficiency and productivity of Finnish data center activities.

“There was a clear need among data center specialists to set up a forum for developing the industry together. In the past, the exchange of information took place in connection with joint projects, but the FDCF enables continuous development and building of common operation models,” says the association’s Chairman Jari Innanen from Granlund Oy.

The FDCF’s initial aim is to bring together professionals and companies working in the industry and to promote their activities, for example, by developing mutual standards and indicators. In addition, the aim is to organize training and networking events and to take part in research and development projects. “The FDCF offers data center specialists an excellent opportunity to establish networks, maintain contacts and develop their activities together,” Innanen says.

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Chairman, Finnish Data Center Forum ry
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