Sound design for Lappset’s new theme park

The sound environment tells a story at Lappset's new theme park in Holland.

Granlund is responsible for the soundscape design of the Mattel Play! Sevenum activity park opening in Holland next spring. The park, designed by Lappset Creative from Rovaniemi, includes both a traditional play experience world and a fast-paced freestyle park.

The soundscape design aims at the integrity of the story and the visitor’s enjoyment. ”The sound narrative begins with ticket sales, and then the story is carried naturally from one space to the next,” sums up Aki Päivärinne, AV and Sound Designer at Granlund. ”However, images cannot be forced. Visitors to the park must be given the freedom to associate with the sound environment.”

Lighting and the sound environment are the most important things in creating the atmosphere of Lappset parks. ”People are really auditive, and even more feelings are passed through hearing than seeing,” says Lappset Project Manager Reijo Koivula. ”Soundscape designers must have the right understanding and insight of what we are building and pursuing. We are really happy with Aki Päivärinne’s professional skills, as he is able to create just the right kind of soundscape layers in line with our parameters. He gives us more content and ideas than could be expected!”

The right mood for visitors of different ages

In the Mattel Play! playground, children from 2 to 7 years of age will have the opportunity to have an adventure with Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Angelina Ballerina to name a few. The over 8-year-olds will be attracted by the Portal Action House freestyle park, with the theme of the 8-bit retro game world of the 80’s.

”Compared with many other parks, Mattel Play! Sevenum has several different theme areas with specifically created sound environments. A good description for the whole setup is non-linear gamification,” says Päivärinne. ”The areas utilise various interactive elements ranging from music to audio signs, such as a fire engine horn, and for example the building space uses harmonious sounds to help focus. The sound environment of each space works alone, but also seamlessly with the adjacent space.”

Clean-cut Scandinavian audio design

Lappset uses the Scandinavian design philosophy and as much authentic materials as possible, such as wood, to create its functional environments. The same ideology applies to soundscape design.

”We are looking for clean-cut sound environments that work from the human perspective. Everything has to hit the mark comfortably, including the sound pressure levels,” says Koivula. ”We always want to build multi-sense immersive experiences, and I believe that this is why our parks have had such a good reception in Finland and around the world.”

Further information:

Aki Päivärinne
Sound Designer, Granlund Oy
+358 50 33 75750