Save up to a million euros in energy costs

Energy Pilot will improve your properties' energy efficiency

Our Energy Pilot expert service helps our customers improve the energy efficiency of their properties and reach significant savings in property maintenance.

We tracked the energy consumption of nine large customers in 2013-2014 after they had begun to use the Energy Pilot service. Our customers’ properties are used for education, retail and traffic, among other things.

The savings in energy costs for those properties ranged between 1-15%, depending on what actions were taken and the properties initial state. On average, savings in heating were slightly over 3%, electricity savings were around 2.5% and water consumption was reduced by 2%. Change these figures into euros, and you’ll see that our customers saved up to €4.5 million in energy costs during that year. A single customer’s most significant savings were in the range of €600,000 to 1,400,000.

A property that reports back is the best way to improve energy efficiency

The Energy Pilot service combines our wide-ranging expert services with our energy tracking service, property building automation and our maintenance software, Granlund Manager. Combining these actions lets us track and analyse the energy consumption of properties on an hourly basis, which allows us to determine the essential savings targets for a specific property.

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Further information:

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Team Manager, Facility Management
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