Renovated Helsinki Prison to become Finland’s largest

The cell blocks were renovated while respecting history.

Helsinki Prison’s cells were completely renovated in two phases. The northern cell block was completed at the end of February and the western block will be completed a year later, in the spring of 2018. Taltec Oy, which joined Granlund in January, is responsible for project management and construction contracting. The major project is valued at approximately EUR 20 million.

The project began in 2015, when the decision was taken to completely renovate the old cell blocks. ”The aim of the renovation was to maximise cell space, make the working premises adaptable and secure, and identify new operations and operating models,” says Construction Project Manager Pekka Turunen from Senate Properties. The modernised cell premises will house short-term prisoners, among others. 

The demanding project is on a site protected by the National Board of Antiquities. The northern cell building was constructed in 1881 and the western building was constructed in 1915.”Helsinki Prison is over 100 years old. The renovation of the cell blocks, which are subject to protection orders from the National Board of Antiquities, has respected the history of the site while bringing the premises into line with modern standards,” says Granlund’s Tapani Muttonen, who managed the project

When the western cell block is completed in spring 2018, Helsinki Prison will become the largest in Finland as the capacity will increase to 320. The prison can currently house 234 inmates. The complete renovation of Helsinki Prison is a major project worth approximately EUR 20 million.

Further information:

Granlund Oy: Department Manager, Renovation Tapani Muttonen, Tel: +358 50 5747 117,

Senate Properties: Construction Project Manager Pekka Turunen, Tel: +358 400 514 638,

Helsinki Prison: Prison Director Jouko Pietilä, Tel: +358 29 56 82000 and Assistant Director Tero Uuranmäki, Tel: +358 50 598 3398

Criminal Sanctions Agency of Southern Finland: Finance Manager Tapio Hiltunen, Tel: +358 29 56 81102

 RISE bulletin 23 May 2017 (in Finnish)