Radisson Blu Beijing

Clear energy savings in four months

Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing took into use modern-day facility management software Granlund Manager that has a proven track record of 15 % savings in energy consumption in short time. The implementation was carried out only in four months and the use of the system was easy to learn.

Earlier all information of the hotel’s property management was in paper or in peoples’ minds all over the organisation. There was also no standard way of following energy costs. Now the facility management processes and responsibilities, as well as asset information are documented, giving visibility of the different tasks to people that are conducting the tasks, as well as for the Hotel Management.

Also data transfer is automatic and is transmitted by mobile devices. As a result of this enhanced process the hotel management can receive energy reports with clear suggestions for measures to save energy.

The main purpose of the Granlund Manager is to help its users to save costs related to facility management and energy. Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing has already experienced a 15% savings in the first 4 months – thanks to better planning, follow-up and visibility.

If you want to know more, please download the whole reference story.

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Mr. Marco Liu, Rooms Division Manager Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing

“This is a very useful system

for our hotel’s operative management. It indicates where the problems are, therefore we can plan our daily maintenance tasks and investments better, as well as having clear visibility of the energy consumption."