Nordic Smart Building Convention – Granlund’s expertise on display

Ken Dooley one of the speakers in the event.

Nordic Smart Building Convention 2017, held in 14-15th of June 2017, gathers industry experts and pioneers to the same event for networking, discussion and education. The convention discusses green and healthy buildings, big data, human centered design, platforms and services and the future prospects of building green.

Ken Dooley, Senior Specialist in digitalization, Granlund Oy is one of the speakers in the convention. Dooley will speak about healthy and user focused smart building. Healthy buildings make the life of the user easier, help save time and money and reduce the environmental impact of the user.

”In previous generations the main reason to make buildings smarter was because the technology existed and the main purpose was to make the building operations more efficient. We are now seeing more focus on improving the experience of the end user”, tells Dooley.

Smart building shaping the markets

The well-being boom is also influencing real estate sector. More employers want to ensure that they are providing a healthy workplace.

”The trend is growing and it’s seen as an important way to attract and retain staff. In my opinion the real benefit of smart buildings won’t be delivered by a few core technologies. Instead the value will come from the integrating many separate solutions into the smart system that is the building”, Dooley says.

Environment rating systems such as LEED and WELL Building Standard, IoT (Internet of Things) and different apps are developing the building industry. Granlund carried out a market overview about IoT, where it discusses the overview of IoT in buildings. According to the overview, several IoT services and products are still focused on optimizing an individual case, not on process development. The overview is provided in Finnish.

Nordic Smart Building Convention for the first time

The speakers in the event are international. In addition to the speaker setting, Nordic Smart Building Convention provides show floor of companies from the field.

”I’m really looking forward to presenting at the event and it’s great to have so many international speakers from organizations like MIT, UC Berkely and Arup. This is its first year but hopefully it will be an annual event”, sums Dooley.