MARIN2 aims to develop novel augmented and virtual reality applications for industry use

The project is expanding to many different fields of industry

Technology Research Center at the University of Turku has started a two-year MARIN2 (Mobile Mixed Reality Applications for Professional Use) research project. The project’s research focus is in augmented reality and virtual reality. Granlund Oy is one of the project’s industry partners. The project builds on top of the research conducted in MARIN, a previous undertaking that re-searched augmented reality in the marine industry setting. In MARIN2, researchers and industry partners aim take the results and experiences of the previous project in an effort to develop novel applications and to make them usable in other fields of industry.

One of the main goals of the project is to research how information regarding infrastructure and other construction targets could be extracted from separate documents and databases and brought to the end users in a user-friendly, always up-to-date form. Could augmented or virtual reality bring new tools to this?

“MARIN2 unites different industries including infrastructure, mechanical engineering as well as marine industry. We all have same kind of challenges when it comes to building information modeling, augmented and virtual reality. In this project we have an opportunity to develop new procedures together,” says Granlund’s BIM Manager Tero Järvinen.

The project is funded both with Tekes funding and by the industrial partners. In addition to the re-search conducted at the University of Turku, the partners simultaneously work on their own projects. The project’s industry partners are Defour Oy, Destia Oy, Granlund Oy, Infrakit Oy, Integration House Oy, Lloyd’s Register EMA, Nextfour Group Oy and Meyer Turku Oy. The other partners are Build-ingSMART Finland, Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd and Turku Science Park Oy.

Further information:

Tero Järvinen
BIM Manager
Granlund Oy
tel. +358 50323 2934

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