Long term planning for managing property maintenance

A single tool, several viewpoints for maintenance planning, budgeting and reporting.

The Long term planning process, included in the Granlund Manager product family from Granlund, has found a large customer base among property owners and property investors. For a long time, a tool has been needed for maintenance management to provide consistent information and to include the entire maintenance history of the property.

With LTP, maintenance is planned on a span of 1–10 years. LTP lets you adjust schedules flexibly and justify decisions in a transparent way. You can for example, also share all essential pieces of information with the maintenance company.

Maintenance as needed

LTP has proven to be especially effective when the number of properties managed is large. As a result of the dynamic portfolio structure, the customer chooses how they group properties and projects. At the same time, the LTP functions acts as a tool for planning and executing maintenance strategies.

Through integration, the long term planning feature utilises new and existing information. For example, if a property energy review is conducted, the information is linked to the property history in a well-defined format. At the same time, all maintenance steps are guided by a real need, and budgeting is consistent. Money is allocated to the right place at the right time.

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