KOy Elimäenkatu receives the LEED Gold certificate

KOy Elimäenkatu is the fifth LEED Gold certified building in Finland.

KOy Elimäenkatu received the LEED Gold certification in August 2014, making it the fifth LEED Gold certified building in Finland. Granlund served as the LEED coordinator in the project.

KOy Elimäenkatu is an office building managed by LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management Ltd. The building has several tenants and over 1000 people work there. As part of the LEED Existing Building Operations and Maintenance project, KOy Elimäenkatu has adopted advanced property management functions as well as new operational models to support and promote sustainable development.

During the LEED certification process, KOy Elimäenkatu received the maximum scores for the efficiency of water use as well as for innovations and regional priorities. With regard to regional priorities, the building received points for water use and energy management. In terms of energy efficiency the building was only one point away from the maximum score. In addition, KOy Elimäenkatu was praised for its well-executed carbon dioxide emission reporting and for the sustainable development “educational program” aimed at the users of the building, encouraging them towards environmentally friendly actions.

Further information:
Robert McGrath
LEED Project Manager, LEED AP
Granlund Oy

Pasi Lindholm
Consultant, Granlund Oy