Kesko’s Easton will open its doors in the autumn

Facade lighting helps the new centre's architecture stand out.

Kesko’s new shopping centre, Easton, will open its doors in Itäkeskus, Helsinki in October 2017. Easton will contain a new K-Citymarket hypermarket, several restaurants, clothes stores and other specialist shops. Visitor comfort has been the target of special investments in the shopping centre: the common areas will include lounge spaces for customers to use, in addition to the cafes and restaurants in the centre.

From the very start, the project has focused on energy efficiency, and it was granted a BREEAM interim certificate during the design phase with a grade of Very Good. ”Environmental and energy-related matters have been very important to us on this project. This is highlighted in the design of the building services, as they have a major impact on energy efficiency,” says Kesko’s Engineering Manager, Jari Suuronen.   

Granlund has been responsible for designing the building services for the project and for consulting on energy-related and environmental matters, as well as fire prevention, designing refrigeration for stores and designing lighting. Facade lighting helps Easton’s architecture to stand out elegantly from its surroundings in Itäkeskus. The redbrick-coloured facade hatching consists of ceramic rods and it is implemented entirely using LED lighting. ”The lighting follows the forms of the building’s surface and highlights its architecture,” says the Project Manager, Jarmo Seppänen from Granlund.  

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