Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy joins the Granlund Group

The leader in building management grows stronger in Joensuu

Granlund Kuopio Oy has acquired a majority share in Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy and is moving its Joensuu operations to a new joint subsidiary, Granlund Joensuu Oy, which will begin operating on 1 May 2015. The goal of the new company is a leading position in the Joensuu economic area’s building maintenance planning and consultation. Its business areas, in addition to HVAC and electricity design, will be property and energy consulting. Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy’s other service products will remain unchanged within the subsidiary.

Granlund has had a HVAC design office in Joensuu since 2009. The inclusion of Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy serves to strengthen the office’s electricity design and consulting expertise. In the beginning, the new company will employ  over 20 experts. Anssi Pesonen, the former lead at Granlund’s Joensuu office, will take up the mantle of CEO in the new company.

Granlund Joensuu Oy will bring the Granlund group’s wide selection of services to North Karelia. A stronger position in electricity design and consulting will provide better opportunities for managing comprehensive projects and customers. The consulting and software branches will also be able to respond to demand in a stronger capacity.

”We are extremely pleased that Joensuu’s leading electricity experts are joining us. We share a lot of the same values and our operating cultures are very similar. We want to be the long-term trusted experts for our customers, the best in our area”, says Jukka Vasara, Granlund Kuopio Oy CEO.

”Granlund, the leading building maintenance experts, were a natural partner for co-operation and the development of our services. Our local, flexible services combined with Granlund’s wide-ranging expertise will be a source of new possibilities for development, both for us and our customers”, says Taisto Aalto, Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy CEO.

Further information:

CEO Jukka Vasara
Granlund Kuopio Oy
tel. + 358 500 675 654

CEO Anssi Pesonen
Granlund Joensuu Oy
tel. +358 10 759 2774

CEO Taisto Aalto
Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy
tel. +358 40 757 4065

Chairman of the Board, Markku Eskelinen
Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy
tel. +358 400 137 963

Insinööritoimisto Eskelinen Oy is an electricity and energy design and consultation company founded in 1980. It offers wide-ranging electricity design and consultation services. They have expertise in construction technology, utility infrastructure, industrial infrastructure and mechanical engineering production design. In addition, the company offers electrical engineering measurement services and investigative expertise, vast ATEX expertise, construction subconsulting and design-independent local monitoring.